Speedpainting videos: A Fast Way to Learn

Speedpainting: Silver jug and celementine on Linen by Kevin McSherry

Speedpainting videos: Silver jug and Clementine on Linen

Speedpainting videos give a great overview of how an alla prima oils still life study painting comes together. Students love the way they simplify the process and make it understandable. They’re mostly reduced from the full length recordings of my virtual online painting classes (by a factor of x20) and set to music, since my commentary gets turned into high-pitched gobbledegook!

To see more of these helpful speedpainting videos, subscribe to my Youtube channel, where there’s an ever-growing list of useful paiting videos you can choos from. Check out the speedpaintings first for an overview -then go to the full length, realtime recordings to see the details and hear my explanations.

Better still, why not join us at one of my virtual online art classes and experience it in real-time for yourself. Go to this link to register.

You can also buy many of these still life studies and landscape studies directly from my website. Go to this link. If the one you’re looking for isn’t there, you can always commission one.

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