Full Online Painting Course

If you’re new to painting oils, start with this course. This course will take you from total beginer to a painter confident enough to start any oils painting. It will provide you with a solid process that you can use for all your painting projects. It includes 7 hours of video and supporting text materials.

With this Online Painting Course: Improve Your Oil Painting and Really Begin to Love the Process!

Congratulations: You’ve chosen the best, fastest and most forgiving medium in which to paint: Oils!

If you can’t get to my in-person classes I now have distilled the best of my painting classes into an Online Painting Course that you can access from anywhere!

This course will teach you the best way to gain confidence and create ANY painting from start to finish with solid technique and an easy to understand colour palette. €169/year

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Online Painting Course: Who is this course for?
  • It’s not easy for everyone to get to my classes in Dublin -either you live too far away or my classes are over-subscribed and you missed your opportunity. This is an easliy accessible way to get the experience of painting with me.


  • You’re a complete beginner and want to learn how to paint or you’ve already attended painting classes but found the methods too complex to understand or just lacking in focus resulting in frustration with your paintings. Here in the Online Painting Course you’ll find a focussed, easily understandable method to help you gain confidence in your painting  enjoy the process and create beautiful and unique artworks -and apply the process to ALL your artistic projects.
  • You’ve been trying to go the “self-taught” route but are struggling to develop a structured process for your work.

You’ve come to the right place. Everything in this course is what I teach in my classes. What’s more, you get a WHOLE YEAR of access in your subscription.

What’s in the Course?

What is alla prima painting? Why is it the best way to learn?

  • Module 1: An explanation of your materials

  • Brushes: An introduction

  • Painting Surfaces: What to paint on.

  • Artist Palettes: Which one?

  • Recommended Paints for Beginners

  • McSherryStudio Materials shopping list with helpful links

  • Some Materials Shopping Notes

  • Simplify your palette and make colour-mixing much easier
  • The McSherry Process Simplified Palette POPSPO ebook
  • How to Use your ‘McSherry Process’ Palette

  • About the Following Core Exercises

  • How to Measure

  • A Note on Drawing

  • Why You Should Apply a Tonal Wash Your Canvases

  • Understand TONE before you get into colour!

  • #1 How to Paint a Single Lemon

  • #2 How to Paint Clear Glass

  • #3 How to Paint Silver

  • #4 How to Paint White on White

  • #5 How to Paint a Flower

  • #6 How to Paint a Landscape from a Photo

  • Course Summary: 10 Steps to starting your paintings

  • Inevitably, you’ll come up with questions as you would in any in-person classes. I’ll be holding regular live webinars where I can answer your queries. I’ll be on hand to help you!


Inside the course: Easy to understand lessons on oil painting materials, drawing techniques and much more! 

“The online oil painting video course was a game-changer for me. The step-by-step instructions made it effortless to learn and create stunning artworks. Perfect for beginners seeking a clear and enjoyable painting experience.”

Dominic N / Dublin

“I’m so pleased I joined this online oil painting video course! The step-by-step process was incredibly easy to follow, making it perfect for beginners like me. Thank you!”

Emily / Kildare

“The course offers a simplified and easily understandable process, allowing me to grasp the techniques effortlessly. The live webinars provide invaluable guidance and interaction. It’s been a transformative experience that has truly ignited my artistic journey!”

Miriam O'D / Louth