2021 Signs of Life

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Exhibition in association with la Galerie Impromptue & subset

Dublin 6

Portobello canal house working from home

Signs of Life: the Zion Gallery, Rathgar.

Signs of Life was an exhibition of recent paintings in oils and acrylics and my 7th solo exhibition.

Please phone 086 247 0737 for expressions of interest.

Signs of Life is my 7th solo exhibition. 
It includes all the work I’ve done since our world was turned upside-down and a few pieces that were completed before but which fit in the theme. Some of it is about the crisis and how it has affected us all, some of it is pure escapism but all of it is meaningful and has been created with love at its heart. Love for family, for community and for life.

One positive side to all, for me at least, is that with all the walking and cycling I did within the 5k limit, I learned a lot more about my city. I explored lanes and streets I previously had somehow missed. When the distance restriction was lifted, I ventured even further out and ranged as far as I could all over Dublin. The air cleared, and for a while the birds burst into life with their songs.