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Team Building Events Dublin group photo of participants in D-Light Studios

The Big Picture:  Team Building Events Dublin.

Team building events Dublin, Ireland with experienced art teacher Kevin McSherry. Inject life and motivation into your company culture and brand values: You bring your team and I’ll bring my ideas tailored to your company’s needs!

This is just one fantastic idea to get your team’s creativity and team spirit boosted: I take a composition and divide it into sections in advance of the event. This is called a Jigsaw Painting. Each team paints one part of the whole composition with their own creativity and sensibility without seeing the overall plan. 

What’s more; you don’t get this project delegated to a nameless sub-contractor –you get ME. 

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CASE STUDY: Comfort Keepers

Art with Team Building Events Dublin is a fantastic way to get people together to have a shared bonding experience and produce a creative artwork that everyone can enjoy and be a part of.

Builds: Brand Awareness, Team Collaboration, Motivation and Team Spirit.

I tailor these team building events to each group and you can hold them in a venue of your choice anywhere. With my wide experience, I’m endlessly good humoured and patient and I guide participants throughout the painting process while letting them express their own creativity -and have a ball in the process. 

What’s more is that Comfort Keepers now have an extraordinary and visually impressive work of art hanging in their headquarters. The staff created it themselves and all are invested in it. Result! 

Great care is taken of the project from the outset. I plan them meticulously and collaborate with you in advance; from the artistic composition to the event on the big day. These team building art events in Dublin have been held in such venues as: Fumbally Stables, Dublin, D-Light Studios, Dublin  Artmines Studio and Lough Rynn Castle Hotel in Leitrim

Team Building Events Dublin demonstration of painting
Team Building Events Dublin kevin mcsherry teaching at a motivational art event

Team building events Dublin can take many different approaches to make the event fun and creative: Participants can work individually or in pairs to create parts of a whole artwork or attendees can be provided with a challenge to create something entirely individually (with assistance from the tutor, of course!) with all the fun and mystery that that entails.

Team building art events are created to suit your needs and is all worked out beforehand to make sure that the day passes enjoyably and productively and everybody comes away creatively refreshed and ready for new challenges.  

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