McSherryStudio Live on Facebook

I do a drawing Facebook Live event every Friday at 6pm. It’s a chance to engage with you and have a lttle fun. It lasts for about 30 minutes or so. I have to stop myself as I’d be inclined to just keep going! Do come along -and let me know that you’re there and […]

Painting an Oils Still Life with a Palette Knife

Oil Painting palette knife class online

We all get stuck in a rut and only do what we know we can do. In my case, it’s painting with brushes. I know how they feel and react to whatever pressure I might put on the bristles. I know, to a certain extent, the results I’m going to get. Hence, in this week’s […]

Monet Week

To continue with the theme of the Impressionists, this coming week it’s Impressionist painting superstar Claude Monet’s turn in my Intermediate Classes on Wednesday Morning and Thursday Evening. I’ll attempt to emulate his style of painting, without the aid of a safety net and we can compare and contrast his style with what we’ve learned from Cézanne. Of […]