This week’s Online Classes: How to Paint Chiarascuro Still Lifes using a Shadowbox.

This week’s painting theme is using a shadowbox to paint chiarascuro still lifes from life.Learn how to create  those intense, beautiful and darkly alluring paintings by controlling the light around your subject. Each day will be a different arrangement. I hope you can join me on this online Zoom class by visiting this link: It’s only €10 per class and will take around 1.5 […]

Painting the Beach

I hope you’re keeping well. I have four bits of artsy news: Due to popular demand, evenings are coming back! At least, this coming week, I’ll start off with Thursday evening at 7pm. You can register for each online classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning and Thursday evening here: This week, we’re off to the beach. At least, we […]