McSherry art eBooks

McSherry art eBooks about various areas of your artistic practice. Ten steps to making any painting; this will help you nail down the process  of starting all your painting projects. Internalising a procedure common to all your paintings will make a huge difference to your practice. One of the main reasons paintings go awry is because they were started the wrong way.

An ebook on a beginner’s oil painting palette: when you’re starting out, it really helps to have a rational and limited colour palette. Become used to this one and you can use it as a base to create your own favourite paints based on a solid knowledge of colour. This goes for any medium too.

The business of Illustration in this series of McSherry art eBooks will help beginner illustrators with the inevitable businessy stuff. It’s not about your art; you already know how to do that. How do you approach clients? How do you value your work? What are your rights? Pricing for this McSherry arteBook is based on the ‘Honesty Box’ principal, as young illustrators are often in a financial bind; I’ve been there myself. Just pay what you feel it’s worth to you if you get something out of it.


bservations made during many mock client meetings with students. It provides practical advice on how to prepare, conduct and follow up client meetings successfully. Honesty Box Price: If it helps you in your career, you can set your own price from within the book.


This concise ebook for beginners will show you a simplified and rational palette that will give you a foThe How to Paint in Oils eBook by artist McSherry. Includes links to demonstration videos on Youtube and explanations to help you paint your dream painting.
This concise ebook will take you through the best way to begin your painting projects. Go through the how to paint in oils ebook and the process as many times as you can; internalising the process is the key. The information can be applied to any painting that you want to create and works for acrylics, gouache, tempera as well as oils.If you'd like to join an art class with me, you can sign up for my email newsletter here at this link. You can also sign up to my Youtube channel at this link to see more alla prima oil painting videos that will help you understand the process and move your painting on. You can find great materials to paint with everywhere but just buy decent quality. You can get advice and buy art materials at Evans Art Supplies, Artmines, Universal Art Supplies and Crafty Studio - all in Dublinundational knowledge of colour. Learn this and you'll easily transition to more traditional palettes. Includes links to Youtube videos


This concise ebook will take you through the best way to begin your painting projects. It's a simple, logical approach that you can learn and repeat and which will work every time. To help you further, this PDF ebook will display on ANY device and it also includes hyperlinks to helpful Youtube videos. Just click on the highlighted phrases.