Speedpainting a Fishing Boat

Speedpainting a Fishing Boat

Last year, I took a party of my student painters to An Grianán in County Louth, where we painted, ate heartily and listened to music for the whole late August weekend. One of the many highlights of this art weekend was a Sunday trip to beautiful Clogherhead nearby.

It was a lovely day, the sun shone brightly and I chose this boat, moored up against the harbour wall, to paint as my demonstration of alla prima oils painting. That one I did live in front of my students. I also took a couple of reference photographs for later use in the studio classes I run. I used it for this virtual online class and you can access the full class from beginning to end on this Youtube video.

However, I have also made a ‘speedpainting’ version – essentially the same video stripped of my voice and sped up. So the whole hour is reduced to 3 minutes. I think it’s more easily digestible if you have limited time but it’s also very helpful; Students of alla prima oil painting can watch this to get an overview of the process, then dive right into the full length video to get the details.

So I hope you like the video of speedpainting a fishing boat. Why not subscribe to my channel when you get there. I’m posting up new videos with all sorts of helpful topics very regularly.

speedpainting a fishing boat
Painting in Clogherhead

Let’s hope that this Coronvirus lockdown doesn’t last too long and we can all get out to beautiful An Grianán again in 2020. It’s looking likely that this may go on considerably longer than we thought at first. In that case, it’s out to the garden or the park!

Paint Oil, Paint Small, Paint Often!

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