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This week at the McSherryStudio

Virtual morning online art classes using the service You pay here but I will then send the access key to you directly by email.
Wednesday mornings 10 AM
The demo will change every class but please do them separately for now (you can’t block-book, in other words. Please bear with me on that until I find a better way).
It will be €20 per class which can be paid on PayPal by using the form below.
Don’t forget to:
1. Put in your email address so I can send you the Zoom invitation and
2. Choose which class you want to attend in the dropdown box below.
[wpecpp id=3526]
If that’s not possible, it can also be done by credit card through your mobile number: just make sure I have your mobile number.
In preparation for joining a class, you could prepare for it by joining It’s free if you’re just joining as a casual user. (I have a PRO account because I host meetings of more than 2 participants).

How class will proceed.

Class starts at 10AM. You’ll all be muted after we first say hello to each other (although I’ll probably choose one of you just to tell me how it looks on your screens when I’ll start the demo. This is just so I’m kept as the main screen).  You’ll see my demo with a running commentary by me.
When the drawing is done, I’ll unmute you for a few minutes and you can all yell at me.
Back to demo with colour
Unmuted at the end for Q&A. 
All this will be recorded as a video which I will post to Youtube and those in the session will be given the link, where you can go over the whole demo at your leisure.
I think the demo is likely to last 40 minutes, with conversation lasting 20 which brings it to about an hour. 

What you will need

A PC with a webcam and/or microphone. An Android or Apple tablet.
At a push, you could use your smartphone but a large screen is much better.
You should try to wear headphones. This is to prevent a sound feedback loop during the questions & answers phase of the class, (which makes it impossible to listen to).
Let me know which classes you’d like to do; I will send you a invitation by email. Just follow the instructions from there.  You could download the app if you wanted to be prepared but you don’t have to.
You could also bring a paper notepad with you. It’s a good idea to make notes; I see many attendees writing things down.
Thank you all for your continued support- it really means a lot to me.
Have a quick look at a class in progress (very sped up) below


How I maintain Zoom Meetings safety

I make sure to protect you from bad actors as much as I can. The main reason for breaches of security in Zoom are covered here as are my steps to close them:

  • Hosts putting invitations up on social media. I NEVER do that. Direct emails to known attendees only.
  • I will privately issue invitations along with a password for each session.
  • Only authenticated attendees will be allowed to join the class.
  • All participants’ video is turned off when they enter the meeting room so they can’t show unauthorised material. 
  • All particpants will be muted on entering the meeting room to prevent unwanted speech or sound.
  • The ‘Chat’ function will remain in use but no link sharing will be allowed.
  • I will hear a sound when any partcipants join or leave the class. I can make a quick check on them to make sure they’re authorised.
  • No sharing of files will be allowed.
  • Only the host can share the screen.

If you’d like to know more, please read the Wordfence article here.

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