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Monet Floral Still Life Composition

Monet Floral Still Life (Above) This week, I ran a series of special online art classes where we concentrated on the style and compositions of three great painters: an Édouard Manet nature morte, a Samuel Peploe composition and Claude Monet Floral Still Life. You can see the videos of Manet and Peploe on my Youtube […]

How to Compose a Painting

This week at the McSherryStudio: How to compose a painting This week in my online classes: How to compose a painting. I’m going to continue with my exploration of past artists’ approaches to composition. Last Thursday, I took a Piet Mondrian still life and made a broadly similar setup. It’s a good exercise and helps to […]

Painting a Mondrian Composition

Painting a Mondrian Composition is not as avante-garde as you thought! Known mostly for his later colourful grid paintings, he was a fine painter in the classical sense.  It’s worth seeking out well-planned and executed paintings to study and emulate. You don’t have to copy (although even that is a good way to study too) […]

Online Painting Class: How to Paint Still Lifes

Online painting class -this time I picked some of the very pretty bluebells from my garden. I also found some cherry blossom in the local park. Thank God for the beautiful Spring weather we’ve just had. Glorious sunshine rays of hope amid the COVID crisis. Dublin is beautiful in the Spring. Many streets are lined […]