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A Daily Painting

Back in 2008, I started creating a ‘daily painting’. Around then, an internet-based art movement had started in the USA using eBay as a way to sell paintings. After a while, I got a little fed up with it as with the tech of the day, it took quite some time to get everything in order and post them up on the web for each artwork.

It’s easier to do now, and since I’m painting a demo painting at EVERY class, I might as well post them up for the enjoyment of my adoring public. As usual, you can make a bid for this yourself and becomethe owner of a McSherry original oil painting and become a Patron of the Arts!

It took roughly 30 minutes. It’s painted in oils on A4 canvas-textured oil painting paper. It’s on auction at the link below.

Take me to the Auction
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