Public Art at Harold’s Cross: Dublin Canvas

The traffic light control box at Mount Jerome. Complete with the incontinent and witless scrawlings of the spraycan children.

I’m delighted to say that I’ll be adding my ideas and colour to this excellent city-wide project. I wanted to paint one of these traffic light control boxes in my own area and this one by Mount Jerome Cemetery and Holy Apostles Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church is in an ideal location.  I feel very lucky to have secured this one as it fits in completely with my work.

The brief is that the art should relate to it’s location:

“Participants should draw upon their own creativity but should also pay attention to the different characteristics of each area for inspiration, paying attention to the surroundings of each box when designing their artwork. As each of the areas are quite distinct it is suggested that you visit each location to draw inspiration from the immediate environment.”

There’s also a park across the road with the small-but-perfectly-formed Noshington café for moments of respite from the work. I’ll be close to home, so lunch won’t be a problem.

I’ve booked in a few days to do this during July and the people from Dublin canvas will prepare the box for painting sometime soon. So do keep an eye out for me and honk your car horn as you pass by. Words of encouragement are welcome. I’ll keep you posted about my progress -wish me luck.

The web site for the Dublin Canvas public art project is at this link.