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Tonight’s Talk on Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks

At 7PM on Sunday February 14 2021, I’ll be talking about Edward Hopper’s iconic and emotionally-charged painting ‘Nighthawks’, a piece of art that has influenced me in my own work -and a million other film-makers and artists. The talk is free and exclusive for those of you on the private McSherryStudio Art Garden Group. The […]

Culture Night Nocturne Painting at Stephens Green

Culture night nocturne painting It’s about time I  uploaded this post, more than three months after I started it. Last September, I participated in Dublin’s Culture night 2019 by painting a nocturne in oils at St Stephen’s Green, just outside the Stephens Green Club at the junction of Kildare Street and the Green.   Originally, I […]

Art for Mindfulness and De-stressing

Art for mindfulness Why is art good for you? I would never try to pass myself off as someone with any knowledge about mental health but you do hear a lot about how art is used in therapy to help relieve stress. The buzzwords du jour are ‘mindfulness’ and ‘wellness’ but I’m not going to […]

Culture Night Dublin : This Friday

Plein Air Painting at Culture Night Dublin September 2019 I’m not officially part of this coming Friday’s Culture Night Dublin programme. I always forget to work it into my plans – and my studio is too far away from the centre of town to include it on the itinerary.  However; instead I’m going to do […]