Phone Zombies Street art Mural: A Collaboration

Phone Zombies Street art Mural

For the first time ever, I worked on a collaboration with another artist: Phone Zombies Street Art Commissioned by the underground art collective SUBSET, Katherina Rupit ( A.K.A. Kinmx ) and I came together to paint his mural. I call it ‘Phone Zombies’ Katherina might have her own title: You can see her beautiful work here. Katherina is a very accomplished artist who does mural commissions all around the world. God bless her energy!

Fortunately, Katherina’s contribution was the winged ballerina/angel, so I didn’t have to spend much time on top of that cherry-picker; I don’t care for heights: I’m dizzy enough at sea level. You can see some of the progress in the gallery below. I’ve never painted at quite this scale before – the nearest being Verity the Cow in Terenure. She’s still ruminating there as I write.

This was painted in support of the Public Arts Bill which is being discussed in Dáil Eireann (Irish parliament) at the moment. Here’s hoping that a workable legal structure can be created for this kind of people’s art for the future, as it is in other cities such as Lyon, Waterford, Bristol and Boulogne, to name a few.


(At this point, I’d also like to give a little coverage to mon cher cousin Ollie Gage who is another very accomplished mural artist in…Bristol! HAve a look at his beautiful art).

I enjoyed this project immensely- and had wonderful conversations with many passers-by who were interested and intrigued by the art. That includes one young man who told me that it took him just three seconds to get the concept. He than added, “I’m a Cosmic Warrior!” 

Keep an eye out for Phone Zombies Street Art project collateral products such as apparel and prints… Soon!

All photos by photographer and filmmaker, Liam O’Leary

You can buy an archival limited edition print of Verity the Cow here.