Online Art Class in Tuscany

Online Art Class in Tuscany

Hasn’t that been a splendid few days? It has made Terenure look like Tuscany! So, this week as another special, we’re exploring three likely and beautiful locations in that very country: Tuesday, we will set up by one of Venice’s achingly beautiful canals, Wednesday, we’ll head out to the countryside and paint a sunny Tuscan villa and vinyard and on Thursday we’ll paint from the ramparts of the ancient Etruscan hilltop city of Volterra. It makes me long to go on the Grand Tour.

But we can’t go on the Grand Tour at the moment but we can travel in our heads and studios to an online art class in Tuscany ! In today’s online art class, we all went to Venice and stood at the waterside painting in the hot sun (see the speedpainting video above: A demonstration of painting from a photo reference, with fabulous musical accompaniment to get that ‘Talented Mr Ripley’ feel).

There are two  more classes this week.

We’ll still be in Tuscany tomorrow. We’re all heading off to paint a Tuscan Villa and vineyard. Don’t forget your big floppy hat and bottles of water. If you want to join us on the charabanc, register using the form over on the right or here:

If you want to use the photos yourself, here are the references on Pixabay:


Tuscan Villa…