New Art Class Term in Terenure Dublin Begins September 12 and 14 2017

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and you are completely refreshed with delightful memories of sunshine and sangria. I’m really looking forward to starting into work again (although I’ve been doing a lot of digital artworks lately and you can see some here.)

The good news is, the cost of joining the class has not kept up with the ludicrous price-hikes that seem to be the order of the day as we blunder down the same road we fell off 10 years ago. I’m keeping the price at €175 for the 6 week term.

Only 6 places available at each class and to be fair to those who attended the last term, special consideration will be given them for spaces, subject to confirmation by payment. Call 086 247 0737 or email:

Tea and coffee and biccies will be served.

Classes start Tuesday and Thursday September 12 and 14.