Manet Peploe & Monet Still Lifes

Manet Peploe & Monet Still Lifes
Manet Peploe & Monet Still Lifes

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. This week, I’ll be exploring Manet Peploe & Monet Still Lifes. Three different approaches to the same subject; Flowers. From Édouard Manet’s rich, warm and academic chiarscuro feel to the dabby, textural Claude Monet and the ‘Scottish Colourist’ Samuel John Peploe’s flat planes of bright colour. 

I think I’m closest in approach and personality to the traditionalist Manet. He so wanted to be accepted by the Academy but luckily for him, they didn’t lower the drawbridge for him until too late and thus secured his place in the pantheon. However, I’m very curious about the other two. Both seem effortless and each is very different. (For those interested in acrylics; Peploe’s approach is a good example to follow – far less hue variation within each plane of colour). And more good news: They all started out the same way!


 It’s a good exercise to study the techniques of other artists and often helps to get around that difficulty we often have of deciding what to paint and how to arrange our subjects; Have a look at the Paul Cézanne composition demonstration from last week as a speedpainting here (and do please subscribe to my Youtube channel when you’re there).  

We’ll look at how they composed and what each found important to focus on – and how they used colour to such great effect. Register for each class here or on the form below

Paint oils, paint small, paint often!


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