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A Still Life Painting Demonstration

An alla prima still life of a silver bowl and lemon slice on white, against [...]

181017 Demonstration of Alla Prima Landscape Painting from a Photo

A demonstration from this morning’s art class of Alla Prima Landscape Painting from a Photo. [...]

181016: Demonstration of an Alla Prima Painting: Blue Bottle on Blue

Today’s class demonstration of an alla prima style painting still life. Oils on canvas board [...]

181008 an Alla Prima Demonstration Speedpainting

Alla Prima Demonstration Speedpainting. White on White with a voiceover explaining the salient points during [...]

181004 Silver & Chili Class Demonstration Alla Prima Oils Painting

A demonstration of alla prima (wet into wet) painting of a silver jug and chili [...]

181001 An Alla Prima Oils Study Speedpainting Demonstration

This video compresses all the slow activity surrounding an alla prima painting in order that [...]

180928 Lemonstration Class Demo

Last night’s art class demonstration.  I often start with a single lemon for new students; [...]

180925 China Aster. Class Still Life Oils Demonstration

This morning’s class demonstration.  I bought a bunch of these colourful little flowers locally. Today’s [...]