Next Week is Cézanne Landscape Week

Above: L’Estaque. View through the Trees. Paul Cézanne

February 24 and 25, 2021

By popular demand, this coming week is Cézanne Landscape Week in the Intermediate Classes on Wednesday Morning and Thursday Evening. To celebrate the lengthening days and first welcome glimpses of sunshine, we’re off to Paul Cézanne’s country armed only with paints and brushes to paint one of the glorious calanques with it’s limpid water and warm, rugged rocks. (cue the sound of crickets). I’ll be painting from a still photograph which you can find here. It’s my own, so there’s no copyright issue. Join me on either Wednesday morning or Thursday evening. 

For everyone on the Tuesday Evening Beginner’s Class, we’ll be painting our second excercise: Clear glass. (If you wanted to join in the Cézanne exploration, you’re more than welcome -just use the links to those sessions.)


Classes this week:

Tuesday Evening: Painting for Beginner’s Course

Week 2: Clear Glass exercise. The second exercise in the foundational 6 week course to help you see things in a different way. It’s not as difficult as you might think; all will beome clear and it’s every bit as magical as any other subject.

Wednesday Morning Intermediate Class

2. Exploring a Cézanne Landscape. More information and booking at this link.

Thursday Evening Intermediate Class

3. Exploring a Cézanne Landscape. More information and booking at this link.