En Plein Air Trip to Hazelhatch

I took my group to Hazelhatch, a beautiful spot on the Grand Canal just on the border of Dublin and Kildare. It’s only about 30 minutes from my city home but it’s as far removed as it’s possible to get. Houseboats line the banks, birdsong fills the clear air and the water is limpid this far out of the city. There were few people about – it was a Sunday -apart from a few cycling clubs and the odd car crossing over the ancient stone bridge. We were alone with the ducks and ducklings and an occasional canoeist.

We got about four hours of painting done before the rain really set in but we installed our easels under the arch of the bridge and painted from there. In fact, I got two studies done this time. My companions each got a painting under their belts and around 3.30, we packed up our painting kits for a well-deserved rest.

En plein air painting is about getting out into nature, about taking on new and exciting challenges and enjoying the company of a group or merely taking time to contemplate nature alone. I organize and teach landscape painting excursions like this for anyone that wants to learn how to paint or see new and beautiful locations in Ireland. 

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