2018 September 11 and 13 Art classes begin again

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Kevin Mcsherry. The Serotonin Kid acrylics painting

I hope you had a lovely summer -the weather was gorgeous, wasn’t it? (Somehow, I feel we’re going to pay for it!).  Since we split for the summer, I’ve also had a solo exhibition, ‘Untold Stories’, in Knockanally House. It was hard work -but a lot of fun. We had a family holiday in Tuscany -and I got to see Filippo Brunelleschi‘ s Duomo. and Michaelangelo’s ‘Shovel-hand’ Dave (he’s now a mate).
The opportunities for en plein air painting may be past – but let’s keep an eye on the weather reports and play it by ear. I’ve been playing around with lots of acrylics and doing some digital/indian ink work too, which I’ll show you. The possibilities for mark-making are endless but as ever, it’s oils that grease the wheels of painting.
Classes begin again on September 11 and 13 respectively. There are morning and evening classes and you can see more information at this link.
I’m so looking forward to getting back into the classes and I hope to see you there.
Paint small, paint oils, paint often.
See you soon,

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