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Zoom Art Class: Spring Flowers

My Zoom online art and painting class will feature Spring flowers this coming Wednesday morning January 20 at 10AM. This is an act of hopeless optimism as Spring isn’t anywhere close yet! The photo above features crocuses but since the flowers haven’t been sourced yet, it’s going to be a floral mystery -even to me. […]

New Still Life Objects for Art Class

New still life objects to paint In the spirit of keeping things fresh for my art class students in my studio, I’ve been on a spending rampage for new still life objects. Here are a few of the pots and plants I’ve bought recently that you can paint at the McSherry Studio. I found the […]

A Still Life Painting Demonstration

An alla prima still life of a silver bowl and lemon slice on white, against a grey and deep red background. This video takes you through the composition, drawing, blocking-in stage and up to the initial detailing stage. These are the most important parts of the painting process as they’re the foundation for everything that […]