Going Incognito 2023


The Jack & Jill Foundation have just announced that Incognito 2023 registration is now open. You can see all the paintings that sold on their website on the incognito website. Above, you can see the three artworks that I produced as they were meant to be seen – as a tryptich. I was delighted to be involved again.

Of course, I’ve no idea if they were bought together, or even who bought them at all. The whole procedure is veiled in secrecy.

However, now you can see what I was thinking. I play traditional Irish music (flute and fiddle) and I often go to the tradition for inspiration. They were painted in acrylics on the A6 art cards that are provided by Incognito. The print will show the artworks at the same size as they were painted.

So, now Incognito 2022 is all out in the open – all three of my artworks sold and you can see that here. I’m now free to offer the triptych as a limited edition (of 25) archival giclée print and you can view and purchase it at this link. Details on the prints page and you can pay in installments if you wish.

I can’t wait for Incognito 2023.


Tripfysh. A reproduction from an original triptych painting of 2022 by artist Kevin McSherry. These paintings were sold individually as part of the Incognito art sale for charity The Jack & Jill Foundation, Dublin. However, in this reprodution, they're presented together as they were meant to be seen. This is a museum-quality archival giclée print.