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181129 Lemon and Silver framed oils painting study by kevin mcsherry on canvas panel

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You can now buy oil paintings from here. I paint a little demonstration still life or landscape painting at every class, as many of you know. It’s a good way to warm up, introduce new concepts or just repeat and emphasise the process of painting. Many don’t ever get finished but often I work on them after class if I feel that they’re working particularly well. Consequently, I end up with a large collection of these oils studies…and I would like to offer you a chance to acquire them.

I’m proud of all of them.

Since they are my studies, I tend not to put them in galleries as I feel they compete with the other artworks I do; the narrative paintings and absurdist work. So I’ve compiled the best of them into an online gallery on this web site.

If you’d like to invest in a small work of original art for yourself, or gift one, you can buy them here and I’ll either send it out to you or you can collect it from my studio. Some of them are framed, most not. If you want a frame, it’s best to allow a week for framing.

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If you’re looking for art materials in Ireland, you can find everything you’re looking for at these places:

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There are other art shops but I know these one’s and I can stand over them for their service and quality and breadth of their available material.