Arting Around Terenure Village

Arting Terenure Village

This is my first proper mural. Usually, I paint either on canvas or paper and the thought of taking on a wall this size would tire me out. In the end, though, it took nowhere near as long as I thought it would at only two days. It was a collaboration between the underground arts collective SUBSET, Centra and myself. The idea is to bring creativity, interesting art and beauty into the street. That’s all.

Fortunately, SUBSET had a supply of exterior emulsion paint in colours near enough to what I’d normally use in my studio. (Johnstone paint; I was amazed at the pigment density). They also put me in touch with other artists who are very experienced in this kind of work and I learned a kind of process from them.

The idea of the composition is loosely inspired by the fact that there was indeed a cattle farm adjacent to the street where the painting is. A few of the older locals who passed by told me they remembered it and one said he used to milk the cows there. I loved to meet passers-by and I ended up chatting to lots of locals of all ages, including a homeless man who was sitting outside the Centra collecting coinage. He said my painting was a ‘cash cow’ and I asked him why he came up with that. He told me that he’d occupied that spot many times and got very little but the day I was painting, he received more donations than any other time. I’m glad he did well. 

It took me a while to settle on a title for this but I ended up calling it, ‘Verity’, which seems like a good name for this particular cow, since there’s a bit of a shortage of verity around at present. 

If you like this artwork and get something out of it, I’m delighted and it has worked. If you’d like to buy me a coffee, you can do so using the big yellow button below. It’s very simple to do.

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