A Retirement Commission

221114 Eamonn Greville the Tank Engine
221114 Eamonn Greville the Tank Engine
221114 Eamonn Greville the Tank Engine
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What a good retirement gift!

Over the years, I’ve done many of these hand-painted gifts. Mostly they’re commissioned as retirement gifts but from time to time, they’re corporate commissions. They usually take the form of imaginary magazine front covers. Who doesn’t want to be on the front cover of a magazine? The titles are based on the interests of the subject. For example in this case, our subject’s passions are model trains and rock music. A unique combination! 

That’s what makes these art commissions unique, special and unforgettable.

how did it go?

As you can see in the photo gallery below, I went through a couple of titles before we arrived at ‘Trax’. I also switched the composition left to right in order to get a better balance. The artwork is painted on a very heavy 300gsm hot-pressed Arches watercolour paper.

My client sent me a video of the presentation at the retirement party – you can see it below. 

I hope it brings many years of pleasure to its owner.

how does it work?

This type of commissioned art is all about surprise, so it’s all done in secrecy until the presentation. First, I find out details and the interests of the subject from the people closest to them. There’s always something that suggests an artistic direction. Then I get as many good photographs of the subject as possible. It’s a portrait about the person rather than of them, as you can see from this example.

I then make a few sketches of ideas (have a look at the picture album below) and we’ll have a discussion about how to proceed with the art. 

I then work up a more sophisticated sketch according to your amendments and once go ahead is given, I go to colour.

how about framing?

Framing is not included in my fee unless you’d rather I took care of it and will be an additional charge. 

how long does it all take?

There can be a lot of back and forth with sketches which can take a couple of weeks. Then there’s the painting itself which will take about a week (I paint in acrylics, so drying time is almost immediate). If you want me to take care of the framing, you’ll need to allow another week. 

If you give the whole project about two months, you will be fine.