2021 Signs of Life

This coming October, I plan to hold my solo exhibition of new paintings in Dublin. The venue has yet to be found but I’ll announce it as soon as I am able. The show will be crowb-funded through Fundit.ie as were the last two; The 52nd State of Mind and Flights of Fancy. Your input will be greatly appreciated and you will receive your artistic reward for joining in. There is a scedule of awards on the exhibition page on the Fundit.ie web site.

Since the world is still not yet back to normal, there’s always the possibility that lockdowns and new waves of Covid may put a temporary hold on the show but if it can’t be October, it’ll be the following Spring. It’s frustrating and dispiriting to be unable to be sure of what’s happening but I need to persevere and I hope you can keep faith with me.

The show is comprised of all the work I’ve done since our world was turned upside-down. Some of it about the crisis and how it has affected us, some of it is pure escapism but all of it has been created with love at its heart. Love for family, for community and for life.