2015 The 52nd State of Mind

“Your talk,” I said, “is surely the handiwork of wisdom because not one word of it do I understand.”

Flann O’Brien, The Third Policeman

In Association with la galerie impromptue

Gallery 27 Frederick Street, Dublin 2

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Each year, I hold a completely independent exhibition to focus on exploring what’s essential in my work, free of external pressures. This is my annual Special Show where you can see me as I am.

As an artist, I’m not only interested in the imaginative and conceptual nature of my art; I’m also dedicated to the craft element. For me they’re indivisible. I have always wanted to create interesting things well.

My influences are broad: Hopper, definitely; and classical painters for their skill. A stronger influence though, is so-called Pop Culture. I love great illustration work: From Alphonse Mucha to graphic novels and the Hi-Fructose imaginative art that comes out of the US. I was entranced by the cover art for sci-fi novels and comics of my youth. My old schoolfriends will attest to the fact that I spent most of my time in class drawing spaceships…

So this is my one-man Cultural Event. This is my State of Mind. The 52nd State to
my Union so far – and I’m still adding states to the Republic of McSherry. It has taken a lifetime just to get to here, but I shall press on with my explorations without stint. Journeying in splendid solitude, searching and taking in new marvels; fantastic lands; stupendous territories. This is how I am now. By next year, I’ll have moved on again if my legs will still hold me up…

Kevin McSherry October 2014