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Painting from Photographic References

I always try to impress on beginners that the very best way to learn to [...]

181017 Demonstration of Alla Prima Landscape Painting from a Photo

A demonstration from this morning’s art class of Alla Prima Landscape Painting from a Photo. [...]

Different Types of Whites in Oil Paints

Here’s a good explanation of whites from Winsor & Newton. I especially like the sound [...]

Influences: Paul Slater

I had an interesting conversation with a couple of my students the other day. At [...]

Artist & student quality paint (Winsor & Newton range).

Artist  and student quality paint explained. Winsor & Newton range [...]

How to Paint Landscapes from Photographic References: Paint Like You’re There.

Painted from a photographic reference in alla prima one sitting. If you regularly paint from [...]

Making Stuff Up: Using your Imagination in your Art

Draw and paint from your imagination as much as you can. I often tell my [...]

Oils and Acrylics Artist’s Paint: Difference Explained

Although they seem at first glance to have the same working properties, and they come [...]

All Mixed Up About Colour: Help with Understanding Colour for Beginner Painters

The Brentford Job. Acrylics on paper. Having difficulty with colour? People often do -and we’re [...]