Materials to bring for morning Workshops

You will have your own preference for which art materials you use. Part of the workshop will be advising on the best and most useful materials for you, in whichever medium you prefer.
You will need a small desktop easel or a box easel. Chairs and tables are provided.
Bring Boards or canvases of no smaller than 10″ x 14″ -around 16″ x 20″ would be fine.  A good idea would be to grey them out beforehand to save time.
A palette (a Stay-wet palette for acrylics An ordinary wood palette for oils or a white watercolour palette).
Your solvent of choice for oils (Zest-it, if you have it). You can get water here.
Brushes -Bring a selection of good brushes.
Rags (always useful)
Any pictorial references you may want to use.