Classes on for this week

Re: Easter 2019

Hello to all my students. I hope you had a lovely Easter. Classes start again this week -commencing tomorrow.

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Beginners’ Painting Kit. What You Actually Need.

Beginners’ painting kit for oil painting classes in Dublin

A short video (7.5 minutes) about the recommended beginner’s painting kit for my studio class. It’ll save you lots of money and save you from carting bundles of unnecessary material around with you and hurting your back!

You’ll get an idea of what everything looks like before you visit the art supplies shop. Below is a list.

  • ‘Burren’ tabletop box easel: ‘Create’ brand or similar (Winsor & Newton make good, slightly larger boxes, for example).
  • Brushes (See this video on which brushes to get).
  • Paints: Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue, Permanent Rose, Cobalt Blue, Ivory Black and Burnt Umber. (All Winsor & Newton, Winton range).
  • A Palette
  • Solvent: Zest-it or Sansodor
  • Liquin
  • Palette Knife
  • A rag


eBook: 10 Basic Steps to Starting ANY Painting”

10 Steps to Starting an Alla Prima Painting for Beginners by Kevin McSherry Lo
Edition 2 with updated links!

I hope that this eBook helps you in your efforts to become a better painter
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I’ve no way of telling who is downloading this eBook, so it’s completely anonymous but if you would like to contact me and suggest a change or make any constructive criticism; email me. There are contributions buttons in the document, so it’s entirely up to you.