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Make a landscape viewfinder

Make a landscape viewfinder Make a landscape viewfinder; a useful tool to have in your pochade box or plein air easel. With these, you can determine your composition before you commit to painting. You can buy more sophisticated ones in the art shops but you can also keep things simple and make your own. It […]

Painting from Photographic References

I always try to impress on beginners that the very best way to learn to paint is by doing so from life. The uncertainty of the enterprise stops you from becoming ensnared by a pre-existing representation. That’s not to say you’ll manage to get good results straight away; it’s just that the uncertainty will provoke […]

Classes Filling up!

Art classes are filling up fast for January 15, 16 and 17. There are 2 spaces left on Wednesday morning. 1 space on Thursday morning. Come and learn how to create beautiful paintings entirely from life -the BEST and most FULFILLING way to paint. Learn from a master painter who is endlessly patient and good-humoured! […]

Open House Exhibition 2018

Open House exhibition of paintings at my house and studio. December 7, 2018 I’m delighted to announce the second Open House exhibition of paintings at my house and studio. As this is a private event, this is by invitation only: If you want to receive an invitation and a PDF catalogue for this very successful art […]

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