How to Paint a Wine Bottle

How to Paint a Wine Bottle speed video.

How to Paint a Wine Bottle from life demonstration.

This week is Wine Week and I’ve been showing my online students how to approach a still life study in oils. Painting from life presents a while different array of challenges to painting from photo references -but the results are more rewarding and you learn more in the process. Take a look at this speed video -and you can even see all the practical parts of the online class (and many more demos too) in a full length video on this page.

There’s more to the online class than can be shown in the videos -there’s a discussion after the study is done and students can ask questions they might have about the process or any other aspect of painting. Why not try it yourself? All you need is a PC or an iPad.

Each online art class costs just €10 and you can sign up for one here.

Speedpainting videos: A Fast Way to Learn

Speedpainting: Silver jug and celementine on Linen by Kevin McSherry

Speedpainting videos: Silver jug and Clementine on Linen

Speedpainting videos give a great overview of how an alla prima oils still life study painting comes together. Students love the way they simplify the process and make it understandable. They’re mostly reduced from the full length recordings of my virtual online painting classes (by a factor of x20) and set to music, since my commentary gets turned into high-pitched gobbledegook!

To see more of these helpful speedpainting videos, subscribe to my Youtube channel, where there’s an ever-growing list of useful paiting videos you can choos from. Check out the speedpaintings first for an overview -then go to the full length, realtime recordings to see the details and hear my explanations.

Better still, why not join us at one of my virtual online art classes and experience it in real-time for yourself. Go to this link to register.

You can also buy many of these still life studies and landscape studies directly from my website. Go to this link. If the one you’re looking for isn’t there, you can always commission one.

Online Painting Class: How to Paint Still Lifes

Online painting class -this time I picked some of the very pretty bluebells from my garden. I also found some cherry blossom in the local park. Thank God for the beautiful Spring weather we’ve just had. Glorious sunshine rays of hope amid the COVID crisis.

Dublin is beautiful in the Spring. Many streets are lined solely with cherry trees, bursting with blossoms. An explosion of white and shades of pink. 

You can see a FULL virtual online art class in the above video; an alla prima painting still life study from start to finish, with a commentary and explanations all the way through. This is ideal for beginners to intermediate painters. I show the palette I use, explain why I use it.  I advise on which solvent to use and which brushes.

You can join in directly from your own PC, tablet or even smartphone through the simple to use Zoom software which is free for you to use.

So book your place NOW – there are sessions three times per week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 10AM (GMT). 

virtual online art class read more and book here

Art Classes Dublin: February 2020

daffodils oils on canvas panel 8" x 10" Spring Art Classes in Dublin

Art Classes Dublin: February 2020

Well Spring is supposed to be upon us, though it’s hard to believe as we’re currently being lashed by sleet…but it’s always warm and cosy in my studio. I painted these daffs as a class demonstration -and there’s a demo by me at every class.

Spring Art Classes in Dublin: New 6 Week Term of morning and evening art classes starts Tuesday Feb 25, Wednesday Feb 26 & Thursday Feb 27 . Book NOW to secure your place at Ireland’s friendliest and productive art classes for beginners and intermediate painters . Places fill up very quickly.*

Art Classes limited to 6 students only. Morning and evening classes.
It’s always better to EMAIL me about your interest in classes, rather than calling – phone call details can get lost.

Art classes in Dublin Times:
Tuesday Morning: 10am -12.30pm
Tuesday Evening: 7pm – 9.30pm
Wednesday Morning: 10am – 12.30pm
Thursday Morning: 10am – 12.30pm
Thursday Evening: 7pm – 9.30pm


€185 per term. Payment secures place. Email here for information and booking.

See pictures from my painting classes here.

You can see some of my painting studies here.

If you’re looking for art materials in Ireland, you can find everything you’re looking for at these places:

Evans Art Store

Cork Art supplies

*Please understand that first refusal on places goes to those already in the class so they can continue to learn all about painting.