Painting in Rathmines
Plein air painting in Rathmines, Dublin on a brilliant sunny day

Painting in Rathmines in the summer of 2019. This week, I took advantage of Tuesday’s brilliant sunshine to go out in Rathmines to paint en plein air ( a fancy French way of saying out in the open). The subject was the ‘Four Faced Liar’, as the Rathmines town hall clock is called by generations of confused Dubs. I set up outside Artmines art supplies shop, right at the pavement’s edge where I was close to being brained by bus wing mirrors.

I spoke to several passers-by some of them painters others just interested. I also got a nice mug of tea from Laura in Artmines who came out for a chat -and from the owner Soma. Mr Ali, who owns the Turkish barber came out with a little glass of Turkish tea and a couple of Turkish pastries. Delicious. 

It was gratifying to  see that people are generally very interested in what I was doing. A few remarked that it made life more interesting to see this kind of activity. Some told me about their own practice in painting. I handed out many leaflets for my art classes in Dublin, so it was a very useful enterprise to be out in public. Thank you to you all for being so supportive; I have to say I was nervous at the outset. It’s one thing standing in a rural beauty spot to paint -and another to be in a crowded city street and probably to be in everyone’s way.

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