Virtual Online Classes Begin Again this Week

Virtual online art classes begin again this coming week

I hope you had a lovely Easter despite the lockdown. I spent much of it getting some much needed gardening done. I even built a compost bin from old pallets! I’m the Monty Don of Terenure.

I also managed to work on creating a better set up for my studio online classes. I received my new lavalier microphone and a new studio light. I wanted to get a new webcam but discovered that everybody else was after one at the same time. Consequently, they’ve become as rare as hens’ teeth.

I’m so enjoying doing these virtual online art classes. It’s not the same as having people with me in my studio which I really do miss but it does have its advantages. In a way, the demonstrations can be clearer and there’s the added value to students of having a Youtube video to revise the proceedings.

I hope you can join me for the these classes. There’s a full demonstration of an alla prima oils painting at each one plus my commentary throughout. You can see a much speeded up video above.

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