Art Classes Dublin: February 2020

daffodils oils on canvas panel 8" x 10" Spring Art Classes in Dublin

Art Classes Dublin: February 2020

Well Spring is supposed to be upon us, though it’s hard to believe as we’re currently being lashed by sleet…but it’s always warm and cosy in my studio. I painted these daffs as a class demonstration -and there’s a demo by me at every class.

Spring Art Classes in Dublin: New 6 Week Term of morning and evening art classes starts Tuesday Feb 25, Wednesday Feb 26 & Thursday Feb 27 . Book NOW to secure your place at Ireland’s friendliest and productive art classes for beginners and intermediate painters . Places fill up very quickly.*

Art Classes limited to 6 students only. Morning and evening classes.
It’s always better to EMAIL me about your interest in classes, rather than calling – phone call details can get lost.

Art classes in Dublin Times:
Tuesday Morning: 10am -12.30pm
Tuesday Evening: 7pm – 9.30pm
Wednesday Morning: 10am – 12.30pm
Thursday Morning: 10am – 12.30pm
Thursday Evening: 7pm – 9.30pm


€185 per term. Payment secures place. Email here for information and booking.

See pictures from my painting classes here.

You can see some of my painting studies here.

If you’re looking for art materials in Ireland, you can find everything you’re looking for at these places:

Evans Art Store

Cork Art supplies

*Please understand that first refusal on places goes to those already in the class so they can continue to learn all about painting.

Culture Night Nocturne Painting at Stephens Green

Culture night nocturne painting

It’s about time I  uploaded this post, more than three months after I started it. Last September, I participated in Dublin’s Culture night 2019 by painting a nocturne in oils at St Stephen’s Green, just outside the Stephens Green Club at the junction of Kildare Street and the Green.  

Culture night nocturne painting by kevin mcsherry 2019 dublin stephens green

Originally, I had decided to paint the Freemason’s Hall in Molesworth Street but I was put off by the queue outside, so I traipsed around the corner and pitched up here. 

Culture night nocturne painting by kevin mcsherry 2019 dublin stephens green

This is me at around 6pm. Plenty of light to get the structure drawn out with a light mix of burnt umber oils and turps. 

Culture night nocturne painting by kevin mcsherry 2019 dublin stephens green

As you can see, the light is starting to fade at this point. Also, I realised that I should have brought some kind of light with me! My excuse is that I haven’t painted a nocturne from life very often.

Culture night nocturne painting by kevin mcsherry 2019 dublin stephens green

So I did what I could with the receding light and realised that I’d have to complete the painting in my studio. There was plenty of life around and I had a bit of a crowd around me for most of the time. That doesnt faze me at all; I enjoy talking to people.

Around this time, a chap sat down on the other side of that traffic light control box you can see on the right and began playing the tin whistle, so I was accompanied by ‘The Fields of Athenry’ for a good hour.

I teach this kind of painting all the time but especially at my one day workshops and excursions. You can see details about them at this link.

I’m really looking forward to 2020 and all the en plein air paintings I’m going to do. Do get in touch -I’m always delighted to hear from people. Maybe we’ll encounter each other in the coming months when the waether improves. Until then…

A Stephens Green Nocturne. Oils on stretched canvas 20″ x 20″ Collectors can call me on 086 247 0737 to arrange a viewing.


Art for Mindfulness and De-stressing

Art for mindfulness

Kevin McSherry art classes in Dublin mindfulness wellness de-stress
Kevin McSherry art classes in Dublin

Why is art good for you?

I would never try to pass myself off as someone with any knowledge about mental health but you do hear a lot about how art is used in therapy to help relieve stress. The buzzwords du jour are ‘mindfulness’ and ‘wellness’ but I’m not going to make any extravagant claims for what happens in my art class.  I will say this; there’s always a slight frisson of anxiety and tension at the start of my class which gives way to quiet and concentration as we progress towards the end of the 2.5 hours.

Students always tell me after class that the time flew by which is as it should be. That quiet time is when you’re flying -there’s only one task to do and you have to exclude everything else; you have to be ‘in the moment’. 

From my own experience, you need about 4 uninterrupted hours on an art project: No mobile phones, no internet. I often play music though – I find it helps.

30 minutes of the time to build towards that moment when you begin soaring and 3 hours up there in the firmament and then another short period to come back to earth. Usually because I’m hungry!

Source article

Anyway, here’s an article you could read that outlines some of the benefits of taking up a creative hobby:

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Teambuilding Art Events Dublin

The Big Picture:  Teambuilding Art Events in Dublin.

Plan your fun events for teambuilding art events in Ireland with experienced art teacher Kevin McSherry. You bring your team and I’ll bring my ideas tailored to your company’s needs.

This is just one fantastic idea to get your team’s creativity and team spirit boosted: I take a composition and divide it into sections in advance of the event. I get each team to paint one part of the painting with their own creativity and sensibility without seeing the overall plan. Call me on 086 247 0737

A Team Building Project in Dublin

Earlier this year, I created a teambuilding art event for Comfort Keepers’ carer awards, in association with video producers Tinpot Productions and TV presenter, Dáithi Ó Sé.

Team Building Art Events in Dublin with artist Kevin McSherry
Team building event in D-Light Studios Dublin

Teambuilding events in Dublin?

Art is a fantastic way to get people together to have a shared bonding experience and produce a creative artwork that everyone can enjoy and be a part of. I tailor these team building events to each group and you can hold them in a venue of your choice anywhere. With my wide experience, I’m endlessly good humoured and patient and I guide participants throughout the painting process while letting them express their own creativity -and have a ball in the process.

What’s more is that Comfort Keepers now have an extraordinary and visually impressive work of art hanging in their headquarters. The staff created it themselves and all are invested in it. Result!

Planning your art-based team building event

I take great care of the project from the outset. I plan teambuilding art events meticulously and collaborate with you in advance; from the artistic composition to the event on the big day. I have run these team building art events in Dublin in such venues as: D-Light Studios, Dublin  Artmines Studio and Lough Rynn Castle Hotel in Leitrim