How to Paint a Wine Bottle

How to Paint a Wine Bottle speed video.

How to Paint a Wine Bottle from life demonstration.

This week is Wine Week and I’ve been showing my online students how to approach a still life study in oils. Painting from life presents a while different array of challenges to painting from photo references -but the results are more rewarding and you learn more in the process. Take a look at this speed video -and you can even see all the practical parts of the online class (and many more demos too) in a full length video on this page.

There’s more to the online class than can be shown in the videos -there’s a discussion after the study is done and students can ask questions they might have about the process or any other aspect of painting. Why not try it yourself? All you need is a PC or an iPad.

Each online art class costs just €10 and you can sign up for one here.

How to Paint Your Own Garden

How to Paint Your Own Garden in oils or acrylics

How to Paint Your Own Garden in oils or acrylics

Your garden can be a source of much inspiration, so why not use it? I’ll show you in this video above how to paint your own garden and where you can find inspiration in the simplest arrangements. You can see a full length video of this class on Youtube on my channel Kevin McSherryStudio.

During the recent splendid weather, I saw this composition just waiting to be painted, with the dappled light falling in the shadowed area over the grass and sandstone path. In this excercise, I demonstrated painting from a photo reference; the objective being to heighten the colour and temperature of the scene for effect.

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Oils on Georgian Oils Paper. 11″ x 7″. Call 086 247 0737 for expressions of interest or email  me.

How to Paint Your Own Garden: Sunshine in oils
How to Paint Your Own Garden: Sunshine in oils

What’s coming up in online Art Classes?

200602 The Garden-kevin-mcsherry-online-art-class-alla-prima-landscape-portriature-still-life-zoom

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. June 2. 3. and 4.

How to paint your garden

Join me in the garden to make art. This is our haven, our retreat. Lush lawns, beautiful flowers, still ponds. Bees humming busily amongst the bloom. The sun casting cool shadows across brilliant green. Each day we’ll work from a different photograph and I’ll show you how to paint your garden.

Let’s capture the moment in paint on canvas. Booking below. €10

How to paint a Wine Glass

We’ll try to capture sunlight in a bottle – from the fruits of the vineyard to the glass. Each day we’ll work on a different aspect using a different photograph reference. A ‘nature morte’ or two and a landscape.

Let’s prepare and crack open a vintage Chateau Neuf du Pape in paint on canvas. Booking below. €10

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