Online Art Class: Full Hour Video

Would you like to  drop in on one of my virtual online art classes for FREE? Click on the link below and see a full one hour class complete with a commentary and explanation and a short Q&A at the end.

If you would like to join a class, sign up here.

I take a small daily painting exercise from blank canvas to finished art in one hour. I explain what I’m doing as I paint and answer questions from attendees at the end of the drawing stage and again when the painting is finished. 

Virtual Online Art Class

McSherryStudio Virtual online Art Class
Virtual morning online art classes using the service You pay here but I will then send the access key to you directly by email.
Tuesday mornings at 10 AM
Wednesday mornings 10 AM
Thursday mornings 10 AM
You can join any or all class if you like as the demo will change every class but please do them separately for now (you can’t block-book, in other words. Please bear with me on that until I find a better way).

It will be €10 per class which can be paid on PayPal by using the form below.

virtual online art class read more and book here
Have a quick look at a class in progress (very sped up) below

Coronavirus: Temporary Closure of Studio Classes


artist and art teacher kevin McSherry painting in his dublin studio

Unfortunately I will close my studio to students from today until official medical advice that it is safe to recommence my classes.

As soon as clearance is given, we’ll start again from where we left off. It’s just that there’ll be a gap if who-knows-how-long. I do hope that you’ll stick with me.

As a result, I’m looking into ways of offering classes online, so at least you can see demonstrations and ask questions as they progress. As soon as I can find a viable way of doing that, I’ll let you know. Your feedback on this will be gratefully recieved. Maybe it will alleviate the cabin fever if nothing else.

Keep well.

New Still Life Objects for Art Class

New still life objects to paint

New objects to paint in Art class with Kevin McSherry still life paintings in alla prima wet into wet oils style tutoring

In the spirit of keeping things fresh for my art class students in my studio, I’ve been on a spending rampage for new still life objects. Here are a few of the pots and plants I’ve bought recently that you can paint at the McSherry Studio.

I found the lovely little house plants in Urban Plant Life in Dublin’s Cork Street. You should go there. It’s a hidden gem.

The oriental blue pots I got from a very nice Chinese lady through

There are several more trinkets including new silverware for the ‘how to paint silver’ class and glassware too. There are a whole bunch of old pieces that have worn out their welcome, so a trip to the charity shop is in order. I’m not sure I could face putting them up on individually…

So, keep going everybody. As the motto goes: Paint oils; paint small; paint often!

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