Monet Week

To continue with the theme of the Impressionists, this coming week it’s Impressionist painting superstar Claude Monet’s turn in my Intermediate Classes on Wednesday Morning and Thursday Evening. I’ll attempt to emulate his style of painting, without the aid of a safety net and we can compare and contrast his style with what we’ve learned from Cézanne. Of course, Cézanne was a great friend of Monet and Monet bought many of his works:

From the Irish Times: “In his own painting, Monet sought to capture fleeting moments, whereas Cézanne was interested in volume and solidity, the permanence of things. That difference intrigued Monet, who bought major works by Cézanne including Le Nègre Scipion, of a sleeping African worker, Neige fondante à Fontainebleau and Baigneurs. When he purchased Fontainebleau at auction, through an agent, Monet made sure his name appeared on the record, to drive up Cézanne’s prices.”

I’ll be painting from a still photographWe can’t be in Argenteuil, but we can be by Dublin’s Grand canal on a sunny day in 2020. Join me on either Wednesday morning or Thursday evening.  

For everyone on the Tuesday Evening Beginner’s Class, we’ll be painting our third excercise: A silver object. (If you wanted to join in the Monet exploration, you’re more than welcome -just use the links to those sessions.)


Classes this week:

Tuesday Evening: Painting for Beginner’s Course

Week 2: Silver exercise. The third exercise in the foundational 6 week course to help you see things in a different way. It’s all about the reflections… Admission is now closed on this course.  Join the next 6 week course, starting March 30. 

Wednesday Morning Intermediate Class

2. Exploring a Monet Landscape. More information and booking at this link.

Thursday Evening Intermediate Class

3. Exploring a Monet Landscape (re-showing with discussion at the end). More information and booking at this link.


You can also book any of these at the same page on my website; just choose the event you want.

If you have any problems securing your place, please just email or call me on 086 247 0737 and we can sort out any teething problems.

I hope to see you all there.
Paint oils, paint small, paint often.