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I take a small daily painting exercise from blank canvas to finished art in one hour. I explain what I’m doing as I paint and answer questions from attendees at the end of the drawing stage and again when the painting is finished. 

Make a landscape viewfinder

Make a landscape viewfinder

Make a landscape viewfinder; a useful tool to have in your pochade box or plein air easel. With these, you can determine your composition before you commit to painting. You can buy more sophisticated ones in the art shops but you can also keep things simple and make your own.

It needs to be small and flat enough to fit into your paint box. The hinges were made with Duck tape.

I made this one from backing board from an old picture frame, it’s quite easy to cut with a box knife but it’s also quite tough. To finish, I coated it a couple of times with acrylic medium which will repel any water spills.

If you’d like to see other useful videos on painting, they’re all collected here on this page. If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see me explain, drop me an email.


An Infinite Variety of Styles

I started looking though the Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 timelapse videos – there are many – and it’s interesting to see the many different approaches to making a painting; from very loose and unstructured to the insanely realistic. There is no one way, of course, but one of my favourites out of the lot I saw was this one by Haidee Jo Summers. You can see paintings being made with the aid of iPads too but I have to say, I’m not a big fan of that method. The deadline for application for this year’s show is May 11 and you can do that here.

Whatever you do, watch as many of these short videos as you can ; they’re an education. 

HAIDEE JO SUMMERS: Time lapse – Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 from N9 Design on Vimeo.

A Still Life Painting Demonstration

A still life alla prima demonstration in oils in Kevin McSherry’s Studio

An alla prima still life of a silver bowl and lemon slice on white, against a grey and deep red background. This video takes you through the composition, drawing, blocking-in stage and up to the initial detailing stage. These are the most important parts of the painting process as they’re the foundation for everything that follows.

The whole process took about 2 hours but I’ve speeded up the video and removed any hesitations and inert parts. About 5 minutes.

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