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This viewfinder will help you create your landscape compositions while painting out in the field.  Click on the video on the right to see me demonstrate how to make one. It’s a simple way to improve your paintings! A4 en plein air landscape painting composition Viewfinder Template lo for web Get a FREE Landscape Painting Viewfinder Template

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"Payment by Honesty Box". This PDF eBook is aimed at young illustrators starting out. It was compiled from observations made during many mock client meetings with students. It provides practical advice on how to prepare, conduct and follow up client meetings successfully. Honesty Box Price: If it helps you in your career, you can set your own price from within the book.


This concise ebook for beginners will show you a simplified and rational palette that will give you a foundational knowledge of colour. Learn this and you'll easily transition to more traditional palettes. Includes links to Youtube videos


This concise ebook will take you through the best way to begin your painting projects. It's a simple, logical approach that you can learn and repeat and which will work every time. To help you further, this PDF ebook will display on ANY device and it also includes hyperlinks to helpful Youtube videos. Just click on the highlighted phrases.