Thank you so much for my first painting lesson. I feel quite emotional, mostly because I regret that I didn’t do this decades ago! Well, there’s no time like the present…
Susan Calvin

A Perfect Composition in Cotignac

Happy Cotignac couple two-up on a Vespa in a flower-filled sunny Provençal street
Perfection: A happy Cotignac couple two-up on a Vespa in a flower-filled sunny Provençal street
While Cathy and I were out for a lunch en famille in Cotignac village, I turned the corner of a sunny street and encountered this delightful Provençal scene. This couple were just about to take off and I managed to get a couple of words in with the lady. These two are obviously Vespa enthusiasts, so I told them about my own machine back home in Dublin. As they pulled away, she even gave me a cheery wave. They know they look cool...and I love the matching helmets. This is the life we want, eh? This composition includes most of the elements I wish for: Colour, sunny aspects, a harmonious relationship and Italian scooter design! I wish I'd had the presence of mind to ask them their names.

When I first saw this little street, while out searching for likely spots to take my painting students, I thought there must be a flower seller there but it turns out that the owner just likes a lot of flowers -and also doesn't want cars parking in front of his house; hence, the large pots at the roadside.

We had an exquisite meal at the Restaurant du Cours (highly recommended) and then back to base for more painting.

Cotignac in sunny Provence is gorgeous and it's the perfect spot for a painting en plein air holiday -if you'd like to join us in September, or next May, take a look here for my 7 day workshops, based in the lovely nearby villa of Le Clé.

And the restaurant...
Outside Le Restaurant du Cours, Cotignac. France
Le Restaurant du Cours, Cotignac. France