Thank you so much for my first painting lesson. I feel quite emotional, mostly because I regret that I didn’t do this decades ago! Well, there’s no time like the present…
Susan Calvin

Near Montreuil. Oils on Panel. Bid to Buy

Oils on panel daily landscape painting of field near Montreuil, France. affordable art.
On the Road to Montreuil, daily painting. Oils on panel

On the road to Montreuil. Montreuil is a very pretty town, near the north coast, not far from Boulogne. In fact it used to be on the coast but over the centuries, the coast has receded. Hence all the very flat farmland around. On this day, I went the few miles from our family place in Merlimont with my cousin-through-marriage, Didier and, despite the flatness, I thought it looked beautiful. There's something about mown wheat fields in the sunshine.

As you enter Montreuil itself, however, suddenly the land rises and the town sits on a fortified escarpment. The ramparts are really quite high and make for a lovely walk.

I wanted to keep this daily painting quite loose and quick and I left some of the burnt siena wash showing through

Oils on gessoed panel. 6" x 8".