Thank you so much for my first painting lesson. I feel quite emotional, mostly because I regret that I didn’t do this decades ago! Well, there’s no time like the present…
Susan Calvin

Dark Silver and Oranges on Marble. Oils on Panel. Bid to Buy

Daily painting in oils of a silver dish with blue bottle and orange segments on black marble.
Daily painting in oils silver dish blue bottle and orange segments on black marble

My wife, who's French, often has raclette evenings where everybody sits around the table and cooks their own slices of raclette cheese which you then put on potatoes and eat with cold meats (and lots of red wine). It's a good way to create a convivial atmosphere! Anyway, raclette sets often have a small slab of marble on which to cook other stuff like onions and mushrooms and when ours gave up the ghost, I threw everything out except the black polished marble slab -and that's what this still life setup is sitting on. 

Worry not -we have a new raclette set...