eBook Guide: Oil Painting

eBook Guide Oil Painting

eBook Guide Oil Painting.  10 steps to better oil painting for any artist

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This eBook will help you understand the basics of the alla prima painting process.

I hope that this eBook helps you in your efforts to become a better painter. This book outlines the basic alla prima (wet-into-wet) process to achieving great paintings. It’s written simply and is illustrated with photographs of my own work. This is the process I teach to beginner painters in my art classes and it’s the  best method to learn before branching out to other approaches. I’ve tried to avoid painters’ jargon in favour of clarity. There are links to videos on my web site, so you can see the process at work.

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  • Do check back here from time to time to check for new editions – as the web site is updated, pages may change which can break the links from the eBook.

When you click ‘Download’, the PDF will be sent via email. You may need to save it to a folder where you can find it readily. If you forget where it is, you can always come back here. Enjoy!

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eBook Guide Oil Painting