Sweetpeas Daily Painting. 8"x 8"

The last of the glorious sweetpeas from my garden...although I now have an envelope full of seeds for next year.
Oils on gessoed panel. 8" x 8"
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The Day After Ophelia

The Day After Ophelia.(The artist's garden seen from the studio on a splendid post-hurricane day).Oils on gessoed panel. 8" x 6" For auction on eBay at this link.


Art class will be on tomorrow.

Today's Demonstration in Class

I do a demo at every class. I think it's the best way to inspire and inform my students -and besides; they say they enjoy it. It suits me too, as at least I can say I've painted something at the day's end.

Just so you don't get discouraged; I didn't get to the completed study when demonstrating: I finished this little study after the class. Normally, I get to just beyond the blocking-in stage -just a few added details. This takes about 20 minutes and then students start into their own work. The blocking-in stage is the most important part of the painting process, I think. It's the point from which any time after, you can stop and say you're finished, depending on how much of a fuss-pot you are.

And I'm definitely a fusspot.

If you'd like to join my class and get genuine, nonsense-free painting tuition (and that's rarer than you might imagine), there's a new term starting on the 24th and 26th of this month and there are places still available…
Here's a chance to get an original oils painting for a song: I'm auctioning this originalunique little study on eBay with a reserve of only €75 (or $87). It's signed, varnished but unframed. Oils on canvas panel 5" x 7". Click on this link to take you to the eBay auction. Good luck - I hope this beautiful little oils study graces your wall soon!
At the beginning of my art classes, and at every class, I do a small demonstration to illustrate some aspect of alla prima oil painting. For example, how to compose or 'the travel of light' or, as here; how to represent reflections on a metallic surface. I find it has more of an effect than just explaining the principles. These usually take about 20 minutes. I'll often continue to work on these studies after the class and this is one of those.

Oils on canvas panel 5" x 7". 
Click on this link to take you to the eBay auction.

New Term Begins September 12 and 14 2017

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and you are completely refreshed with delightful memories of sunshine and sangria. I'm really looking forward to starting into work again (although I've been doing a lot of digital artworks lately and you can see some here.)

The good news is, the cost of joining the class has not kept up with the ludicrous price-hikes that seem to be the order of the day as we blunder down the same road we fell off 10 years ago. I'm keeping the price at €175 for the 6 week term.

Only 6 places available at each class and to be fair to those who attended the last term, special consideration will be given them for spaces, subject to confirmation by payment. Call 086 247 0737 or email:

Tea and coffee and biccies will be served.

Classes start Tuesday and Thursday September 12 and 14.