Kevin McSherry McSherryStudio Art classes in Dublin Ireland Paint oils paint small paint often

I would highly recommend Kevin’s art classes. He is very enthusiastic, friendly and encouraging. The classes are a great art resource in the Dublin area. Kevin is a fantastic teacher and makes painting totally accessible no matter what your skill or experience level is. 100%!!

Domhnall / Dublin

Kevin is a great teacher. He is also a great painter. I thoroughly enjoy his art classes.He is very generous with his time and art teaching.Highly recommended.

Jean / Dublin

Kevin’s classes are superb. He teaches in a lovely friendly, warm atmosphere. Kevin does a demo that is easy to follow and has a great motto ‘paint small and paint often’. It was a pleasure to visit his studio and see some of his artwork. In the short time I spent with him, I learnt a lot from him. I highly recommend his classes for beginners or amateur artists wanting to better their own technique.

Laura / Antrim

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